A Reporter's Paradise
This is GreatTime to Smell the Flowers.
Dreaming of time off.
Life of a court reporter through the eyes of a dog. Sure hope I can go out later, these 12 hour work days never seem to end.
Found a Scopist
I can now go play, I got my shoes on, where can we go.
This is Great
Having a scopist means being able to enjoy life again.
Taking Time to Smell the Flowers
I can go just about anywhere now
Life is Good !!!
I can now relax and spend time with my friends.

Ready to take your life back?

Would you like to increase your income? Take a day off?
Spend some time away from the computer? Then let me scope for you.

Awesome Features


Medical Experience

I  have extensive experience with medical terminology. This was one of my specialties as a court reporter that I enjoyed.

Serenity Saver

Have a deposition tomorrow and an expedite today? Let us help you keep your sanity

Committed to Clients

We offer word-for-word accuracy and superior grammar, spelling, and punctuation on all  transcripts.

Ready to Serve You!

Contact us to get started and see that you have found the perfect scopist.

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Our Services

  • Scopist Services

    We will edit your transcript verbatim, correct mistranslates and untranslates of steno notes, use proper punctuation, English, and formatting.

    We read steno and also read for contextual sense, continuity, and detail. We will help you build your dictionary by sending dictionary updates to you.

    We have excellent research skills and will research spelling and terms closely.

    Your personal preferences will be followed. We will make every effort to streamline your job by returning the transcript so it is ready to go. Our goal is to do all the legwork for you. All you have to do is concentrate on your writing skills.
  • Proofreading Services

    Proofreading Includes: Punctuation, spelling, reading for context, and spot-checking with audio. We will flag areas for you to check by using Hidden Text right inside the transcript. We will also point out problem areas or consistent mistakes and suggestions on how to avoid them.

    We will automatically make corrections to punctuation, spelling, missing words, etc., to save you time from having to go back and change something like it’s to its.
  • Have More Time for Yourself

    We view the court reporter-scopist-proofreader relationship as a partnership, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that it is an experience in which we both benefit. As a court reporter, you will be able to spend more time reporting and thus increase your income. And the money you spend on scoping fees is a tax deductible expense. So you win both ways.


  • I’ve searched for years for a good scopist. I honestly was about to give up until I found Carol. If I’m in a crunch, last-minute notice, she’s there and always turns jobs in early and clean. Not only did I find a good scopist, I actually found the best scopist.
    Michelle S., Court Reporter
  • I have known Carol for 30 years, first as an outstanding court reporter, and for the last six years as my proofreader and scopist. Carol is very adept at extremely difficult expert testimony, especially medical and engineering. She is always there waiting for that unexpected expedited or daily copy order. Just knowing Carol is there when I make that call to see if she can help me meet those sometimes overwhelming deadlines is so comforting. She just extinguishes the stress and anxiety away immediately. Her expertise with punctuation is beyond compare. Bottom line, she makes me shine!
    Cheryl F., Court Reporter
  • Thank you so much! You never cease to amaze me!!! You are Heaven sent!!!
    Emma, Trial Court Reporter